IPCA Bylaws Updated and New Officers

Bylaws Revised

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The bylaws for the International Polymer Clay Association were revised and approved by the Executive Board at their meeting on July 19. The revisions corrected inconsistencies in the bylaws and corrected outdated terminology.

The most significant revision was to the voting status of Regional Presidents. As of July 19, the Regional Presidents (Americas and Rest of the World) are full voting members of the Executive Board. Other changes were to update the Vice President Newsletter title to Vice President Publication and to remove the section that required the Americas Guild & Group Liaison to attend the Executive Board meetings for the first two years after the Regional Boards were put in place.

Members can log in and download a copy from the IPCA Documents section of the library.

New Officers

Rashi Verma Veddy, the Executive Vice President, Membership, resigned this past June to dedicate her time to personal matters. Rashi previously served as Vice President Membership on the ROTW Board. She will continue to serve as the IPCA Representative for Southeast Asia.

Lizzi Bucklow-Holt has joined the Executive Board as Vice President, Membership. Previously Lizzi served as Regional Board Vice President: Guild and Group Liaison (Rest of the World).

Open Board Positions

Due to the unexpected and unfortunate passing of Brenda Urquhart, the Regional Board Vice President - Education (Americas) is now open.

Candidates are also being sought for the Regional Board Vice President - Newsletter and Social Media (Americas) and Regional Board Vice President: Guild and Group Liaison (Rest of the World).

Members can read about these positions on this page.

If you are interested in serving on the Americas Board in either position, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you are interested in serving on the Rest of the World (ROTW) Board, please contact ROTW President, Maria Alexandrou.