The Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild

magnolia-blossom-1Tallahassee is filled with sweet scent when the magnolias bloom.The Tallahassee Polymer Clay Art Guild was founded in 2006 through the matchmaking efforts of Karen Woods in Tampa, FL. Karen had seen a posting I had made on a polymer clay Yahoo Group. Karen contacted her friend and fellow Tallahasseean Ellen Rumsey Bellenot and 'set us up' to meet. A few weeks after that initial email exchange, Ellen and I held an organizational meeting and started advertising the newly formed Guild.

We've worked hard to build our Guild Library, which is open to all current members. The library includes books, DVDs, and magazines of interest to our members. As a benefit of membership, we organize bulk buying events so we can receive price discounts on clay supplies.

The Tallahassee Guild is a member of the local Council on Culture and the Arts (COCA) and supports the Lemoyne Gallery's Education programs with facility rentals and polymer clay donations for their children's classes. We have also created items for donation such as Bottles of Hope and butterflies for the Holocaust Museum Houston.

workshopgroupMarla Frankenberg Workshop Attendees (2006)Although the membership is small, the Guild is mighty and has become known in the region for hosting world-class teachers at least once a year. Since its founding, the Guild has hosted Marla Frankenberg twice, Karen Woods, Dayle Doroshow and in March 2013, Jana Roberts Benzon.

There are many 'repeat attenders' that travel to Tallahassee from all over Florida and the surroundind states to attend these workshops. We love showing visitors our fine Southern hospitality - all our workshops include a catered lunch and a welcome reception with the visiting teacher.

The Tallahassee Guild meets the first Sunday of each month and alternates between project or technique based meetings and 'open' clay days. Projects and techniques run the gamut from how to make a Skinner blend to sculpting miniature food. The February meeting is the annual Clay Day and Chili Lunch. I supply strong coffee for the morning session and make a pot of (turkey) chili for lunch. Guild members supply the rest, and I can assure you that no-one goes hungry! This day-long event will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2013.

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Submitted by Barbara Forbes-Lyons

pyramidsDayle Doroshow Workshop Projects (2012)

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