Announcing the IPCA Global Exhibition

For those of us who create with polymer clay, 2020 has been a year of new opportunities for virtual workshops with people from down the street and around the globe. With so much creating, learning, and investigating taking place, members of the board decided it was the perfect time to showcase creations from around the globe in an IPCA Global Exhibition. This exhibit is different from other events offered in previous years in that it will be a virtual exhibition (think temporary museum exhibit) featuring 5 galleries, each dedicated to a single art form including: Miniatures, Containers, Two Dimensional Work, Three Dimensional Work, Jewelry and Wearable Artwork. Entries in each of these galleries will have artist-selected, searchable hashtags that will include a brief bio, contact information, and the artist’s location on the globe. The exhibit opens 15 December 2020 on the IPCA website.

Submissions are open to IPCA members from 15 October to 30 November 2020.  Members will vote for the Award for Excellence from each gallery. Not a member yet? Join us! You’ll find more information on the IPCA website, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you may have.


About the Exhibit

IPCA members are invited to submit up to three items/images of their work to our first Global Exhibit of Members' Work.  Submissions will be categorized and tagged with keywords in the gallery and on a special interactive map of members and their work. There are five categories in which you can submit work:

  • Two Dimensional Work (Wall hung art, polyamer paintings, etc.)
  • Three Dimensional Work (loose beads, sculpture, dolls)
  • Containers (Vessels, Boxes, Bowls, Vase)
  • Jewelry and Wearable Art
  • Miniatures

The following keywords will be available for selection by the entrant:

















Liquid Clay



Mixed Media

Mokume Gane









Surface Design




Wall Art


Important Dates

  • Submissions accepted 15 October through 30 November 2020
  • Exhibit Opens: December 15
  • Members’ Choice Voting 15-30 December 2020
  • Members’ Choice Announced 1 January 2021

Eligibility and Fees

  • All IPCA members in good standing are eligible to submit work for the exhibition
  • There is no fee to submit

Submission Information

  • Up to three (3) items and/or images can be submitted.
    • If you submit three items, you can only submit one image per item.
    • If you submit more than the allowed number of items/images, the Exhibition Committee will select which items or images will be used for the exhibit.
  • Items must have been made in the past two years
  • Items may have been exhibited elsewhere

Each submission must be given a category:

  • Two-Dimensional Art (Wall hung art, polymer paintings, etc.)
  • Three Dimensional Art (loose beads, sculpture, dolls)
  • Containers (Vessels, Boxes, Bowls, Vase)
  • Jewelry and Body Art
  • Miniatures

We strongly recommend each entry be given at one to five relevant keywords (see list above).

Each entry should include the following information. Items in bold will be required.

Tip: Write out all the required long-form items in advance, so you can just copy & paste the text into the relevant fields

  • Artist's name, contact information, and a brief (200 word) biography

  • Permission to add your name and location to the interactive map

  • One to three pieces represented by no more than three images in total

  • Images requirements: JPG files at 96 dpi that do not exceed 800 pixels wide or tall.

  • The Naming Convention for Your Image Files: 2020_FirstInitialLastName_number of entry.

    • Example: 2020_JSmith_1a.jpg
  • Item name, media used, dimensions and title/description (optional)

Questions? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To access the submission form, members should log in to the site and the link appears on the Member Menu.