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Proposed IPCA Governance Change and Elections

Elections LogoAfter several months of discussion, the Executive Board of the Association is submitting a change in the bylaws for approval of the membership. In summary, the proposed change elminates the two Regional Boards, and reestablishes a single Board of Directors of the Association. Maintaining multiple finance accounts between Europe and North America, along with the wide-ranging government regulations imposed upon non-profit organizations have strained the Association Boards and its dedicated volunteers.

The International Polymer Clay Association remains an organization commited to serving the world-wide polymer community.

In support of our commitment, the two Regional President positions will be transitioned to Regional Vice President positions. Their duties will include finding, retaining, and increasing the number of regional representatives that will serve as liaison between their local polymer community and the IPCA. Additionally, the Regional Vice Presidents will assist the Vice President for Education, and have the opportunity to serve the global polymer community in other ways.

All IPCA members in good standing will be receiving copies of the proposed IPCA Bylaws and an opportunity to approve the bylaws. The documents will be sent out via our email newsletter service, and the vote will be due by 24 March 2019.

The draft bylaws may be downloaded from the IPCA website. Once you have logged in to the website with your User ID and Password, you can click the following link to download a copy of the Bylaws for review.

folder Click Here to Download the Bylaws

Nominations for the 2019-21 Term of the Board

The Association is seeking individuals to fill positions on the IPCA Board of Directors. These officers will fill a two-year term, starting 1 May 2019 and ending 31 March, 2021.

Download copies of the Office Descriptions as well as the Nominee Questionnaire using the link below. This link is public and may be shared with any interested party.

folder Download the Officer Descriptions and Nominee Questionnaire or click here to view the descriptions on the website.

Questions about the election can be directed to our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Elise Winters, a Personal Reflection

Polymer artist and icon Elise Winters passed away on January 1, 2019. The IPCA will continue to be a supporter of The Polymer Project and is grateful for her years of support and service to the polymer community.

Elise Winters, October 2014Elise Winters, Racine Art Museum Polymer Symposium October 2014
Photo Credit: Ann Duncan Hlavach
The first time I met Elise Winters was in February 2008 and I was a nervous wreck. The polymer community had converged on Baltimore, Maryland for the first-ever Synergy Conference and I’d just finished my presentation on websites for artists. On the way out of the room, Elise stopped me to introduce herself and to ask if I had some time during the conference to talk about her website plans.

That small request blossomed into a business relationship and then a personal relationship. I remember a call from her one day to talk about this project she’d been working on – to get polymer into a museum permanent collection. Oh, and there would be another website and did I know Rachel Carren? At Synergy2 I was honored to introduce her and Bruce Pepich as they kicked off what she and Rachel called The Polymer Project.

Over the course of the next ten years we talked websites, polymer, and so much more. We talked health issues – her cancer, my husband’s diverticulitis and later, a foot wound that refused to heal, my son’s diagnosis with a rare sleep disorder. We shared pictures of trips – mine to Malta for EuroSynergy, her trip to France with Woody. Menus – brisket or a turkey for Rosh Hashanah, and what do you put in your charoset for Passover? The call from Pearl Paint in Miami to tell Elise that they had a stash of the (recently discontinued) FIMO Classic and what colors did she need?

Elise was a driving force in the arts and in the polymer community. Ann Duncan Hlavach recalls Elise’s comments at the second Polymer Symposium in October 2014:

“I was at RAM for both symposiums and each time I left deeply affected by her words. She said “what will you do to further polymer” to the entire session and it imprinted on me like a branding iron. I hope to make her proud. I hope we all make her proud.”

Postings on social media and other online platforms are a testament to her and how she will be remembered. Without any doubt, her memory will always be a blessing.


Barbara Forbes-Lyons
IPCA Executive President

Tory Hughes

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The polymer communuty has been stunned and deeply saddened by the loss of Tory (Victoria) Hughes. Memorial plans will be announced when they are finalized. 

There have been many heartfelt and moving tributes on facebook. This post from Christine Dumont is reposted with her permission.

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Exhibit at American Handcrafted Orlando

Apply to exhibit at the launch of Amercan Handcrafted Orlando. They are presently looking for vendors for the exposition to be held Sept 6-8, 2018 at the Orlando Convention Center.

For more information click here.

IPCA Charitable Giving Page

At this time of annual giving to your favorite non-profits, our US members might like to consider a tax-deductible gift to the IPCA in support of its new and enhanced initiatives on behalf of the polymer community.
As individual artists, you will soon be able to participate in member only peer-to-peer forums moderated by international artists, and enjoy many new member benefits including a new bi-monthly publication, annual “Tips and Tutes” e-book, and more.
With your help, the IPCA Board hopes to be able to start developing curriculum for school programs, grants to individual artists and guilds, as well begin outreach to Museum curators, galleries and publications in the larger art world to increase awareness of the medium and become a point of contact for inquires about artists in the field for potential exhibitions, etc.
We hope you will consider including IPCA in your charitable giving this year. Happy Holidays and a Healthy and Creative New Year to all our members,

The IPCA Executive Board

To donate to the IPCA, please click here.

Into the Forest!

The installation Into the Forest opened in Pittsburgh at the Spinning Plate Gallery on November 10, 2017. Over 300 artists contributes from all over the globe. (27 countries and 37 states) The exhibit runs through December 3, 2017. 

For a peek see the facebook live video streamed November 11, 2017 by Ann Duncan Hlavach to the IPCA Members Only page posted here on the IPCA YouTube channel.

For more info Visit the Into the Forest website here.

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