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Guild Spotlight:The Orlando Area Polymer Clay Guild

Florida Fun, Sun, Clay, and Fandango, Too!

by Charline Ahlgreen

Flaming-Ingo_OAPCG_MascotThe Orlando Area Polymer Clay Guild (OAPCG) was the brainchild of Mary Jenkins, who was, at the time, a member of the Ocala Polymer Clay Guild. Mary approached Laurie D'Ambrosio in October 2003 to propose starting a polymer clay guild in Orlando. As they were in a stamping store, Laurie approached the owner, who agreed that they could use the store's back room for their meetings. The room was miniscule, so it's a good thing that the group started out small (the first meeting, on 29 Nov. 2003, had 9 attendees).

At the first meeting, among other plans for the newly formed OAPCG (demonstrations and tutorials by group members, guild library, swaps, raffles, etc.), they decided that they would become active in the Bottles of Hope project. The original attendees designed, completed, and sent off their first efforts to the Arnold Palmer Women's and Children's Hospital at the end of that first meeting. By the third meeting, they had delivered over 40 BOHs, and our involvement in the BOH project has been ongoing every month since.

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