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Thursday 14th July

Mono Printing and Transfers: Mini Bowls and Beyond

Mono printing is so easy and looks so spectacular on sheets of paper...but how do we scale down for smaller polymer clay works? What do we do with the clay next? Laser transfer techniques to polymer clay have been around for nearly a decade now.

I have a little bit different twist on the transfer­ from the actual technique itself to how the clay is prepared for transfer using mono printing. The mini bowl is the hottest swap item now at retreats – learn to makes these cool little bowls using the two techniques above.

Bowls not your thing? It’s Syndee’s class – “Creative Left Turns” are welcome!

- Contact:
- Preferred maximum number of participants: 24
- Price per student: 90 EUR

Stretching the Boundaries of Beauty

“The beautiful and the ugly are not opposites, but aspects of the same thing.” - Stephen Bayley, from this article

We assume that beauty is a static, finite thing, unmoved by time and culture. The same goes for ugliness. But these are shifting, fickle words that rely souly on a cultural opinion of “what is good”, or... not good.

By stepping into the blurry line where beauty and ugly meet, an artist's work can be stretched in healthy and vigorous ways.

If we are drawn to the iridescent, shimmering green of a beetle, can we ignore the source of that green? Instead of isolating that inspiration, perhaps we could find a way to incorporate, or at the very least leave a hint of the origin of our inspiration... adding both depth and complexity to our work.

Perhaps that means just a gentle shape that suggests a beetle's exoskeleton? Or a repeated pattern of six little feet that gives one pause when looking at it?

In this workshop, we will explore the outer limits of beauty with polymer, dipping our toes into the concept of “ugly”, and see where it takes us. Using two part silicon mould material and the Urban landscape of Bourdeaux to find our inspirations, we take textures from seemingly unexpected sources... concrete, gravel, crumpled cans... whatever we find that might be considered ugly, and use them to create unusual patterns in polymer. I will show participants how to work on small canvases – brooches, big beads, or even literal canvases – to compose patterns and textures in ways that are both beautiful and suggestive of the texture's source. We will play with both tinted translucents and opaque clays, on a variety of forms, to push ourselves to – hopefully – uncomfortable places, and through that process, learn more about our potential and our own voices.

We will get messy. Both creatively, and physically. To understand our desires for “perfection” and “beautiful”, one needs to explore our resistance to disasters, mistakes, errors, and the dreaded “ugly”... We will dive in and simply play, getting back to mud pies and dribble castles, and hopefully discover more about ourselves, our medium, and what truly inspires us.

- Contact:
- Preferred maximum number of participants: Minimum 8, Maximum 20
- Price per student: 120 USD/ 110 EUR per student

Openwork collar

In my workshop, I will take you through all the steps of making an openwork collar from beginning to finish. This will including sanding, polishing and designing a clasp to suit the rest of the piece. The collar can be worn unadorned as the negative spaces provide lots of visual interest. However, I will also show you how to add accent elements if you prefer a less sober look.

- Contact:
- Preferred maximum number of participants: 20
- Price per student: 90 EUR

Friday 15th July

Woven wire

In this one-day class students will learn how to weave a basket like pod with wire. We will also be working on a series of organic elements that will then be combined to construct a brooch or a pendant.

This workshop will be conducted in English, and also in Spanish if required.

The workshop is suitable for students of all levels.

- Contact:
- Preferred maximum number of participants: 25
- Price per student: 130 USD

Cracked Pods


Learn slumping and mold-making techniques Explore surface design by layering colors, patterns & textures.
Get all the technical information you need to create a fabulous hollow-formed brooch.
Create bezels that complete your piece with a modern sophisticated touch.
Appropriate for all levels. This class will be taught in English Supply list upon registration.

- Contact:
- Preferred maximum number of participants: 15
- Price per student: 130 USD/120 EUR

Chasing the Light: Exploring Compatible Materials for Creating Transparency

Polymer is superb at combining with other materials. In this workshop we will explore materials uniquely able to create transparent effects such as resin, natural sheet mica, plastic wraps, dichroic plastic films, gemstones and crystals. Each material offers unique and exciting possibilities when combined with polymer.

Attendees of the workshop will make multiple pieces in order to get to know each of these materials better and how they interact with polymer. These questions will be explored and answered while creating: What processes are used with each material? Can it be used during the creating process or does it need to be attached after polymer is baked. If so, what are the best attachment methods? What colorations can be added and when? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each?

During the workshop, each attendee will create their own unique pieces.

All skill levels are welcome, and ALL materials and tools will be provided for use in class Attendees do NOT need to bring ANY additional supplies.

- Contact:
- Book: here
- Preferred maximum number of participants: 25
- Price per student: 125 USD/115 EUR with all materials included

Saturday 16th July

The Wave - A minimalistic bangle

In this class you will learn how to build a three part wave bangle. We will begin with a discussion about the basic idea and principles of this minimalistic design. Then decisions will be made on color schemes and bangle sizes. This bangle has to be made of Pardo Professional Art -Clay. I will show tips and tricks how to condition this material easily, explain the advantages and strengths of Pardo and point out what to consider working with this brand.

Then we will start with making one to three balanced Skinner Blends and I will demonstrate how to create consistent folds out of them. Tips on curing will be followed by easy and quick finishing techniques. Finally we will cut and bend the cured blends to interlock these three elements.

Concluding we will look at further possibilities to incorporate this wave technique into new jewellery designs. This workshop requires at least basic experience in working with polymer clay.

- Contact:
- Preferred maximum number of participants: 25
- Price per student: 105 EUR

Patchwork Bangles


- Mix and match your favorite colors and patterns to make this gorgeous, unique bangle
- Explore surface design by layering colors, patterns and textures
- Learn the step-by-step plan that guarantees success

Appropriate for all levels. This class will be taught in English Supply list upon registration.

- Contact:
- Preferred maximum number of participants: 25
- Price per student: 130 USD/ 120 EUR

A Perfect Carving

Kathleen Dustin has been using polymer as a fine craft medium professionally for 30 years. She has quite a repertoire of techniques under her belt and is ready to share everything she knows. Recently, Kathleen's work has involved intricate patterns inspired by ethnic tribal art and carving has been a valuable skill for this practice.

Kathleen will demonstrate the pleasure of carving polymer after it has been baked. Students will learn her special way of making faux ivory, shaped into a small wrap bracelet and learn the expert baking required so that it is completely flexible after curing. Then students will practice intricate carving with a small v­-shaped carving tool that each student will receive from Kathleen. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn a new skill that can be used in numerous ways in your own work.

- Contact:
- Preferred maximum number of participants: 25
- Price per student: 150 EUR (includes carving blade)