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The Colour Challenge

Explore new nuances with your existing colour palette, sharpen your colour contrasts, develop your colour deepening skills through colour layering, graduating and texturing. Let your colour genie out!

The host of this Challenge will be Maggie Maggio

The Co-hosts will be Ana Belchí and Christine Dumont

The Black and White (and Grey) Challenge

Liberate yourself and remove colour from your work in order to focus on other elements of Design such as line, form and grey tonal values.

The host of this Challenge will be Alison Gallant

The Co-hosts will be Ana Belchí and Christine Dumont!

The Extruder Challenge

Experience the extruder’s versatility and show us novel ways of using it!

The host of this Challenge will be Christi Friesen

The Co-hosts will be Ana Belchí and Christine Dumont

The 2-D Composition Challenge

What will make your flat compositions come to life? Will it be interlocking shapes, novel cane patterns, unusual textures?

The host of this Challenge will be Loretta Lam

The Co-hosts will be Ana Belchí and Christine Dumont

The 3D Composition Challenge

Feel and fill the space, try your hand at sculpture or take on the challenge of creating dimensionality by bringing together contrasting volumes and forms.

The host of this Challenge will be Donna Greenberg

The Co-hosts will be Ana Belchí and Christine Dumont

EuroSynergy is excited to announce a new addition to the programme by introducing Hands On Design Challenges. This is to accommodate the needs of the many who want a conference to help them not just learn new things but apply them, share their works and progress with others and grow through this exchange. Participants will be able to take part in a challenge instead of attending a Break-out Session.

The Hands On Challenges invite you to make a piece that you will have conceived and planned in advance of the Conference but which you will remake at the Conference. After the Challenge, you will be invited to share your results with other participants and also discuss informally how this Challenge helped you learn and grow. The work made during the Challenges will be on display, and, at the end of the Conference, prior to the Gala Dinner, the results will be highlighted and discussed,

There are five challenges:

– Colour
– Black and White
– Using the Extruder
– 2D Composition
– 3D Composition

A way of approaching the Challenges is to think of them as a way to work on a skill that you’ll like to develop further – this would be a weakness you’d like to overcome or a strength which you’d like to “up the ante”.

The clay of your choice will be provided at the Conference. Wow!

We have created a Facebook page to help you prepare and clarify any question you might have:

No matter how much or how little experienced you are, participate in the Challenges with a friend! Make it fun and uncork your creativity!

Please read carefully

– Plan a project prior to the Conference
– Recreate the project and all of its parts during the Conference at the selected Design Challenge
– You have 90 minutes to complete your piece
– If you enter in collaboration with another artist, you can produce either a joint or individual project
– The clay will be donated and provided at the Conference by the manufacturer you have selected at registration
– If you choose a project that cannot be possibly completed in 90 minutes or requires curing during the Challenge, show the steps required to complete the project, and bring with you pre-cured components to explain. For example, if you decide to partake in the 3D Challenge, and are worried your project will fall apart without curing, decide which components you will develop during the Challenge and which ones you will bring along as cured pieces
– No pigments, inks, paint are permitted during the Challenge
– The project must not require baking as ovens won’t be provided during the Challenge
– You can use any tools of your choosing; just make sure you bring them along to the Challenge
– You’ll be given the three primary colours plus Black, White, Translucent and one metallic/pearl in your preferred brand for the Colour, Extruder, 2D and 3D Challenges
you will be given Black, White, Translucent, Silver and Pearl for the Black&White Challenge.